APCS Vision & Mission

APCS Vision & Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Academics Plus Charter School is to provide an academically rigorous college preparatory program for all students regardless of race, ethnic origins, national background or socioeconomic level. All children can learn when challenged by big expectations. We believe that attitude, behavior, effort and attendance, as well as ability, determine academic success.

Open Letter of Prospective Students and Families

 Dear Student(s) and Family,

We, the Board of Trustees of Academics Plus Charter Schools, Inc, are so very pleased to provide you with an exciting, challenging, and rewarding alternative in Maumelle, AR to the "traditional" public and private education experience. At APCS, we pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere and sense of community. Our web site has been completely redesigned and all the information has been updated to make your experience surfing our site easier and more informative. We believe that the more students and their families know about our culture of excellence and the unique flavor of APCS, the better their decisions will be and thus, their personal experiences. We make every effort to help each prospective student by answering questions and filling in the unique details for each individual from our firsthand knowledge and experience.

In order to assist you in understanding the educational environment offered at APCS, it is best to understand what we are not. We are not exclusive nor are we purely for gifted children; rather, we are a school with a proven curriculum and our administration and faculty is deeply committed to student learning. We offer a strong core curriculum and art, music, drama, foreign language, physical education and computer sciences.

At APCS, we highly and actively encourage each student and their parents or guardians to get actively involved with our school. To share your comments, questions and concerns with the schools leadership and to set high standards of personal, educational, civic and social achievement. The establishment of these high standards starts at home, with families, and is the key contributor to individual success. "It is assured that you will hit nothing when you aim at noting; however, it is a true achievement to aim at something and through intention and sincere effort hit." - Author Unknown.

We look forward to sharing in your personal successes and will encourage you each step of the way. Each student is of value and a member of our family. Therefore we expect that all visitors to our campus, adults and students, treat each other with respect and dignity. As you evaluate our offering please feel free to ask us should you have questions. You are welcome to call the school at (501) 803-9730 or email us at office@academicsplus.org with your inquires.

Again, we enthusiastically thank you for your consideration. If you find that our curriculum and environment appeal to you, please contact us to schedule a campus tour. We look forward to educating and serving you.

Respectfully yours,


APCS Board of Trustees