Lottery Application Process

Application Information


We understand that making the selection of where someone will attend school is one of the most important, and difficult, choices any parent or student makes in their educational career. Therefore the admissions process at Academics Plus Charter School (APCS) has been made as simple and straight forward as possible. 

Admission Procedures:  

The following general guidelines are established and presented below to aid prospective and returning students to understand the admissions process. If at any time during your admissions experience you require additional information or have questions or comments of any kind, just call 501-803-9730 x 326 or email the appropriate office: or To register follow these 2 simple steps:

  1.  Download an application here: Maumelle Application or Scott Application or request an application from the school’s office.
  2.  Complete the application and return it via fax, mail or email to the appropriate school Registrar’s office.

        *Once a student is attending APCS, it’s not necessary to reapply.

Student Lottery  

As an open-enrollment public charter school, when necessary Academics Plus conducts a random, anonymous student selection lottery to determine enrollment for the following school year. Applications for the next school year must be submitted by February 28 (or the preceding work day if the 28th falls on a weekend) in order to participate in the lottery. The Maumelle campus lottery will be held on March 1st at 4:00pm in the Maumelle Charter High School CAFETERIA, or the next business day if March 1st falls on a weekend. The Scott lottery will be held on March 8th at 4:00pm in the Scott Charter School, or the next business day if March 8th falls on a weekend. Students who apply after February will be assigned slots as their applications are received if space is available. If space is not available these students will be placed on the waiting list in the order applications are received, behind students participating in the lottery. The lottery will be conducted by grade level, with priority given to lower levels until our student cap is met. Students will be accepted for enrollment for all grade levels on a space available basis. Siblings of current students and employees children are given preference in the admissions process. Space must be available for the grade level requested for them to be enrolled.  

Students selected to attend Academics Plus will receive an Enrollment Packet via email. Slots are held open for ten days from the email date and are claimed by returning the Enrollment Packet to the registrar’s office. After ten days from the email date, the student will lose his/her slot, and it will be given to the next student on the waiting list.

Students selected to attend Academics Plus, that have a sibling on the waiting list, will have their sibling moved to up to "accepted sibling status" in the order in which the first student's paperwork is turned in.

 Academics Plus Charter School policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, and disability, academic or athletic eligibility. Academics Plus Charter School may exclude any student who has been expelled from another public school.